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Name: Bohdan
Surname: Mykhaliuk
Citizenship: Ukraine
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Foreign languages and level (1-5):

English (4)

Russion, Ukrainian

Preferable work area    (1, 2, 3...): Cattle (1)    Poultry (2)    Plant (3)    
Machinery experience - kind, total months, level (1-5)

Tractor driving - 2 month (4)

Driving licence: B

 Agricultural School/UniversityDepartmentStarted yearGraduation yearSpeciality
1.College of State Agrarian and Engineering University in PodilyaInnovative technologies of animal production20182020Anumal Expert

Foreign experience and qualifications: No

Agricultural practice in Ukraine:
 YearTotal monthName and type of farmResponsibility
1.201248“Grandelitazh”Construction and reconstruction of houses,design repair,insulation of house
2.201513Kiev region,Bila TserkvaGrowing flowers petunia,sulfiniya,rose,planting a garden 400 fruity trees
3.20181Pig farm - practical Center of CollegePractical training at pig production, all aspects, feeding, cleaning, and other aspects
4.20181Dairy farm - practical Center of CollegeCow milking, feeding, cleaning, pasturing, care of calves, all other aspects of dairy farming

Marital status: Single
Children: No
Height, weight: 185 cm    75 kg
Smoke: Sometimes
Specific diet: no
Health problems or disability: no
Something about myself:

I, Mykhaliuk Bohdan, was born on June 21, 1990 in the city of Baranovka, Zhitomir region,Ukraine. In 1996 I went to the first class of gymnasium of Baranovka.
From 2007 to 2012 I studied in Kiev National University Construction and Architecture of Ukraine.
Family structure:
 Mother – Mykhaliuk Inna, 49 years, the nurse.
 The brother – Mikhaliuk Roman, 25 years, working at the factory.
 The sister – Zabrodskaya Nataliya, 25 years, is married, has the nurse.
What can I do and what experience I have?
1. My grandfather has 15 pig and several cows. So, since my childhood I have helped him to take care of cows, calves and pigs, to feed and graze cows and so on. I like to take care of animals and that is why, I want to continue working with them.
2. Drive tractor every day. Putting straw by the tractor. Also, at home my opportunities are: cleaning the farm, prepearing and mixing food for cows,preparing grass in winter period etc.
3. Planting and gardening with all of flowers. Also I grow apples trees.
4. Also I can repair something that may be broken on farm.
I am very responsibilities and hard working person. You never regret you choice if you take me.

I would like to go to the practice with my fiancee, Melnyk Oksana, ID #18060009


My hobbies:

My hobbies are: listening to the music, playing football, relaxing with friends,living with domestic animals,driving the car, and so on.


What should I like to learn during practice abroad:

I want to take experince of Danish farmers of farm work and how they are taking care of cows.


What are my dreams for the future:

I dream about the own house and own farm, where I can wor in my country.


What should I do with money earned during practice abroad:

I want repearing my mom house.



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