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Surname: MESHII
Citizenship: Ukraine
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Foreign languages and level (1-5):

English (4)


Preferable work area    (1, 2, 3...): Cattle (1)    Pigs (2)    
Machinery experience - kind, total months, level (1-5)

Tractor driving - 16 month (5)

Milking machine - 3 month (4)

Driving licence: Moto, Car, Lorry, (A, B, C), Tractor

 Agricultural School/UniversityDepartmentStarted yearGraduation yearSpeciality
1.Sumy national agrarian University)Biology-technological20062011Bio-technologist

Foreign experience and qualifications:
 YearTotal monthName and type of farmResponsibility
1.2007622.01.2007 - 18.06.2017, P.D.Drobex Sp., Str. Powstancow 19, Solec Kujawski 86-050, PolandI poked poultry meat
2.20111820.07.20011-30.03.2013, Kruse Borris pig farm, Anumvej 167 6900 Skjern DenmarkCastration, vaccination, treatment, inseminating, vaccinating, and scanning sows, mixing pigs -

Agricultural practice in Ukraine:
 YearTotal monthName and type of farmResponsibility
1.2008420.05.2008 - 19.09.2008Animal mix farm "Vysoke", Zinkiv diistict, Poltava regionCattle breeding, feeding, milking;
pig production, treatment of sows and piglets, sows insemination, castration of pigs, cutting fangs and tails help in farrowing.
2.2009315.10.2009 -14.12.2009, Sumy National Selection CentreStocking up fodders for beef cattle and looking after bulls, vaccination, milking, feeding, cleaning
3.20131008.04.2013 - until present, Animal mix farm "Vysoke", Zinkiv diistict, Poltava regionAs an animal expert, all kinds of farm job, mostly in dairy cattle.
Now as a cattle farm manager.

Marital status: Single
Children: No
Height, weight: 183 cm    80 kg
Smoke: Never
Specific diet: No
Health problems or disability: No
Something about myself:

I am 25 years old. I graduated from the Sumy National Agriculture University. I am amiable, discreet and diligent. I am always control my feeling, because I had a good upbringing from my family. My father is a leader of guards at the district administration. My mother housewife. My father and I try to help her with her housework. My sister Ira is 30 years old. She has a daughter. She is a housewife too. I want to visit abroad for have an experience in agriculture business. I want to have a work and practice in accordance of my education.


My hobbies:

Gardening is one of my hobbies. I am very found of gardening and growing flowers, especially roses. No matter what kind of hobby a person has, he always has the opportunity of learning much from it. By reading about the things I interested in I adding to what i know. Learning new things can be the most exciting aspect of a hobby.


What should I like to learn during practice abroad:

I want to learn how to conduct agricultural Business Opportunities. I am interested to get acquainted with new technologies in agriculture. Maybe, Iíll able to share my own experiences.


What are my dreams for the future:

It is very important for a specialist in business matter to speak at least English. I want to know English better, then now. I think, Iíll have a good life practice. I hope Iíll get an interesting and well-paid job. Therefore, I plan to open my business in the future


What should I do with money earned during practice abroad:

If I got the money, I will end my education and run my own business. Some for this money I will give for charities


Other remarks:

I would like to go on a farm with my friend Stas Sergii



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