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Details for  # 13100001


Citizenship: Ukraine
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Foreign languages and level (1-5):

Dansk (3)

English (4)


Preferable work area    (1, 2, 3...): Cattle (1)    
Machinery experience - kind, total months, level (1-5)

Tractor driving - 15 month (5)

Combine operating - 3 month (4)

Milking machine - 10 month (5)

Driving licence: A, B, C

 Agricultural School/UniversityDepartmentStarted yearGraduation yearSpeciality
1.Sumy National Agrarian UniversityBiology Technology20062010Livestock

Foreign experience and qualifications:
 YearTotal monthName and type of farmResponsibility
1.20064University of Natural Technologically, Jana and Jedrzeja Sniadeckich in Bydgoszczy. Department ofExperiments with plants, care and treatment.
2.201013Denmark, Enghavegaard I/S , Skovmosevej 19 , 9500 Hobro. Cattle farm.practikant,Cooking food, Giving medicine, worked in the fields, and all the work that was on the farm.

Agricultural practice in Ukraine:
 YearTotal monthName and type of farmResponsibility
1.20064Sumy National Selection CentreStocking up fodders for beef cattle and looking after bulls, vaccination, feeding, cleaning
2.20093Cow farm of the Sumy National Selection CentreMilking cows automatically, feeding, preparing fodder, vaccination, selection, artificial insemination

Marital status: Married
Children: 1
Height, weight: 178 cm    81 kg
Smoke: Never
Specific diet: No, I have not
Health problems or disability: No, I have not
Something about myself:

I was born in Ukraine.I am young, punctual, responsible .I have a little daughter and wife. My wife is studying in a medical college.I want to gain experience abroad in livestock in order to do this in the future from lessons learned.


My hobbies:

I like sport. When I have free time I always go play football. My free time I spend in different ways, doing household chores, caring little daughter. I enjoy a lot.


What should I like to learn during practice abroad:

Gain experience, learning technology, culture and other countries.


What are my dreams for the future:

After practicing abroad have a small farm and work there.


What should I do with money earned during practice abroad:

I want to buy an apartment and use fo my famili.



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