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Name: Volodymyr
Surname: Ivaniv
Citizenship: Ukraine
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Foreign languages and level (1-5):

Deutsch (4)

English (3)

Preferable work area    (1, 2, 3...): Cattle (1)    Pigs (3)    Poultry (6)    Minks (7)    Plant (5)    Horses (4)    Sheeps (2)    
Machinery experience - kind, total months, level (1-5) No
Driving licence: Category "A","B","C"

 Agricultural School/UniversityDepartmentStarted yearGraduation yearSpeciality
1.Ternopil National Economical UniversityAgrarian Economy and Management20062010Economy and finance of agrarian Business

Foreign experience and qualifications: No

Agricultural practice in Ukraine: No

Marital status: Single
Children: No
Height, weight: 176 cm    85 kg
Smoke: Never
Specific diet: NO
Health problems or disability: NO
Something about myself:

I was born in village Bilche-Zolote. I on an economy help always, I watch horses. Also I look for rabbits. To me хочеть to learn. Most likely practice, it for me very important. I wish to be the present farmer.


My hobbies:

I am always almost occupied, because I like to read books and me the Literature very interests. Also I like to play football, to listen to music and to sing. And still I help the parents on an economy


What should I like to learn during practice abroad:

To learn culture of the country. Also to increase level of the knowledge of English Language. To learn uses of other technics that is which I yet do not know. In a word to be typed a wide experience.


What are my dreams for the future:

After foreign practice, having returned I wish to be engaged in farming in Ukraine. Having made use of all typed experience and which I still will type.


What should I do with money earned during practice abroad:

In the beginning I use money to finish the training.
Then after all it to arrive to Ukraine and to open the business. That is farmer Business.


Other remarks:

I very hardworking person. Character at me exacting. Purposeful. I try to do all ideally (on conscience).



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