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Surname: FOMINA
Citizenship: Ukraine
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Foreign languages and level (1-5):

Deutsch (4)

English (5)

French (start level)

Preferable work area    (1, 2, 3...): Horses (1)    
Machinery experience - kind, total months, level (1-5)

Milking machine - month (4)

Driving licence: Car (since 2008)

 Agricultural School/UniversityDepartmentStarted yearGraduation yearSpeciality
1.Kharkov State Zooveterinary AcademyVeterinary medicine20062012Veterinary medicine

Foreign experience and qualifications:
 YearTotal monthName and type of farmResponsibility
1.20104Swiss, Horse farm, "Kellerpferde"1. Taking care of horses, feeding, watering, cleaning, veterinary assistant, all additional necessary job.
2. Customer groups service at the farm restaurant.
3. Grape growing and cultivation.

Agricultural practice in Ukraine:
 YearTotal monthName and type of farmResponsibility
1.20062Animal breeding farmProphylaxis and treatment, differential diagnostics
2.20074Stock farm1. medical inspection, auscultation, palpation, percussion, thermometry
2. to make forage reserve calculations
3. cleaning stalls
3.20073Collective cattle farm ZirkaTo make forage reserve calculations, milking with machines, feeding animals, differential diagnostics
4.20083Cattle farm KalinaMedical inspection, of cows, palpation, auscultation.

5.20086Research animal farm and vet lab of AcademyFeeding, cleaning up, diagnostics, medical inspection.

Marital status: Divorsed
Children: No
Height, weight: 172 cm    60 kg
Smoke: Never
Specific diet: No
Health problems or disability: No
Something about myself:

My family likes sport and traveling to other countries.


My hobbies:

I am all-rounder developed person that is why I have interests in everything new, especially if it is useful also.
As, for example, abroad practice, which gives me an opportunity to develop my skills on the highest level, using high technologies, to develop my language base, to get to know foreign culture, to get new contact, etc.


What should I like to learn during practice abroad:

I would like to get some animal treatment skills, using high technology, and improve my qualification.


What are my dreams for the future:

In future I am going to open my own clinic and domestic animal refuge.


What should I do with money earned during practice abroad:

I will find a worthwhile destination for the money I will earn during this practice (depending on the amount)


Other remarks:

I am ready to start my practice immediately


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